cash is king NZ

1- We offer Top locations to save you time, effort, petrol and money.

2- we have a very transparent policy and a Fixed price connected to the gold int'l price as you see it on the TV.

3- We say welcome to our Mall with Safe & secure environment.

4- We are the Highest payer in the Market, We lead the market, We price it to serve You the best and pay You as High as we possibly could.

5- We pay as High as 30% above the spot rate***

6- We design our own X-ray machines with the customer in mind, they get checked by the Dep. of Environment, Safe and Secure. [ the New Design is ready to go we will launch it soon and spread out more Gold buying machines for your convenience]

pawn shops/ copycats

1- They operate from sneaky or hidden Locations like house/apartment or back street.

2- They ask you to shop around/ offer maximum & minimum price or refuse to answer over the phone.

3- Never go to any house & never allow anyone into your house. " High Risk"

4- They imitate our pricing policy and try to mislead You and take your Gold & Your money.

5- They will only offer you 50% of the scrap Value.

6- Copycats & buyers from home and apartments are using old and unsafe XRF machines that might leak radiation to harm you,Avoid going to those suspeciouse dealers in the houses and back streets.

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